Vibration monitoring and analysis

All rotating machines within industry naturally vibrate to some degree. Vibration can be defined as simply the cyclic or oscillating motion of a machine or machine component from its position of rest. This vibration can be used as an indicator of machinery condition. When the level of vibration increases or becomes excessive there is usually some mechanical reason, vibration does not increase on its own, something causes it- imbalance, misalignment, looseness or bearing failure etc. By employing modern vibration data collecting instruments and computer software CVS can collect vibration data from this rotating equipment and trend the vibration levels and signatures, identifying issues which could lead to premature machine failure. This pro-active approach to maintenance is an important part of any predictive maintenance program.

This is an economical and effective means of reducing maintenance costs. Causes of machinery failure exhibit unique characteristics and, as internal material conditions deteriorate, the characteristics become more pronounced; Vibration Analysis can aid in identifying the potential problem areas BEFORE catastrophic equipment failure occurs. Effective maintenance procedures can then be implemented on a priority basis or at a predetermined time, avoiding unscheduled downtime. All data is permanently stored in our sophisticated computer database and is available for instant retrieval. Every monitoring cycle provides us with new information about your equipment.
This historical data helps us to recognize the individual behavioural characteristics of each specific machine. More importantly, we can compare these characteristics to actual measured results throughout a large population of similar machines industry wide!

Key Benefits of Vibration Analysis

- Reduce maintenance costs
- Increase equipment reliability
- Reduce equipment downtime
- Extend the service life of each machine in the program
- It is a non-destructive test
- It does not affect machine operation
- It does not interfere with production scheduling
- The data is quantitative and readily lends itself to computer trending
- The cost of this entire procedure can easily be recouped from the prevention of a catastrophic failure of JUST ONE MACHINE.

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