Compressed air system surveys

Contrary to conventional wisdom, air is not free. In fact air costs more than water, electricity or steam. Leakage is the largest single waste of energy associated with compressed air usage. Leakage rates exceeding 50% of site consumption are common. Estimates of loss per year costs of air and nitrogen have become staggering. A conservative estimate for the cost per year of one 1/8" air leak is £996. Imagine finding and repairing just one leak of this size in each of the production areas of your company. The figures for nitrogen leaks are even more horrendous. Just one 1/16" nitrogen leak can cost over £16.000 per year. Utilising non-contact instruments CVS can survey and identify leaks in your compressed air system.

The sources of leakage are numerous, but the most frequent problems are: -

-Condensate drain valves left open.
- Shut-off valves left open.
- Leaking pipes and pipe joints.
- Leaking hoses and couplings
- Air cooling lines left open permanently.
- Air-using equipment left in operation when not needed

The Audit process

Detecting leaks is a straightforward matter and can be achieved by utilising an ultrasonic detector. Good ultrasonic detectors can detect leaks from over 50 feet away even in noisy plant areas. The old fashioned soapy water technique also works fine but takes a long time and cannot be performed from a distance. Just arrange an agreed date and time span for the duration of the survey with your CVS representative and leave the rest to us. We will attend site to systematically and rigorously audit your air system for leaks using a hand held ultrasonic detector. During the audit each leak will be identified at the location and this location recorded for inclusion in the follow up report.

The repair

Too many leaks to handle? Not enough resource to deal with the rectification process in a suitable time frame? We can supplement your maintenance team to affect the repair process ourselves or to just to assist in your ongoing maintenance issues whilst the work is carried out by your on specialists.

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