Crow Valley Services Ltd offer a wide range of versatile electrical and mechanical applications for your business needs.

Whether you are a looking for Thermographic surveys/inspections or oil analysis you can be sure that CVS can to the job for you.

Our areas of specialist services include:

Which is defined as, ‘Infrared thermography is the science of acquisition and analysis of thermal information from non-contact thermal imaging devices’. Where thermography means ‘writing with heat’ just like photography means ‘writing with light’.
Applications are numerous and diverse.


Infrared Image showing level of fluid in vessel
Infrared Image showing level of fluid in vessel.

All rotating machines within industry naturally vibrate to some degree. This vibration can be used as an indicator of machinery condition. When the level of vibration increases or becomes excessive there is usually some mechanical reason, vibration does not increase on its own, something causes it- imbalance, misalignment, looseness or bearing failure etc.


Vibration signature and overall trend
Vibration signature and overall trend.

Correct alignment of coupled machines typically motor/ fan, blower, pump and gearbox sets is paramount to optimize the life expectancy of the machinery, reducing unnecessary forces on the rolling elements of the equipment.


Laser Alignment

Oil is the lifeblood of machines and equipment. Oil Analysis identifies the performance and condition of machines and equipment by determining the degree of wear, the degree of oil degradation and the degree of oil contamination therefore increasing reliability and availability of machines and equipment while minimizing the impact on maintenance budgets and costs.


Contrary to conventional wisdom, air is not free. In fact air costs more than water, electricity or steam. Leakage is the largest single waste of energy associated with compressed air usage resulting in losses per of one 1/8" air leak of around about £996.


Compressed air system surveys

Following the issue of CVS report on the condition of surveyed equipment, should the client have insufficient maintenance resource to attend to problem areas previously highlighted by a CVS survey or inspection, we offer a follow up service where the identified fault can be rectified and re-surveyed to confirm satisfactory completion.





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